December 9, 2011

Chips and Salsa - A Christmas Tradition

For years now, we have been treated to lunch on a Saturday in December by Jason's parents.  They take the whole clan out to Los Hermanos in Lindon.  Tradition has that we gather in the large garden room with the Christmas tree for our feast.  There have been only a few times when we've strayed from those particulars, like when we've met at the Los Hermanos in Provo or got bumped from the garden room into a smaller room in the attic by a group of 100 people (and in spite of the reservations made two weeks previous).  The tree wasn't there this year either. The folks at the restaurant must be on the same Christmas decorating schedule that I am, but there was chips and salsa, fried ice-cream at the end of the meal, and good company to make it all right.  I so enjoy this holiday tradition!

Ella had a chip stuck to her chin and she was sticking her
tongue in and out of her mouth to try and knock it loose.

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Pickle said...

what a fun tradition, and a yummy one too!