February 4, 2011

Pinewood Derb-Wii

Tuesday, January 18th, marked the night of the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  It turned out to be a blessing that there was a cessation of all contractions for a period of 48 hours so I could enjoy this event with my family (not to mention, I was pretty much in charge of the activity, so it was kind of nice that I ended up being there for that reason, too).

Brevin and Jason had worked for several weeks to bring Brevin's creative vision for his car to fruition.  He came up with his own design concept--a Wii remote.  While we had little idea as to how fast his car might be, we knew that at the very least, it would look awesome.  And it did!

Prior to the race, we tried to  prepare Brevin for a possible poor finish by telling him that he might not win.  I realize now that all of our back-handed pep-talks may not have even been necessary.  He was thrilled and shouted for joy after each heat of the race, "I came in second!" or "Yes! I won third place!" (Did he not realize that there were only four cars racing at a time?)  It was so entertaining to watch his reactions first hand, and I was so glad to have been present at his first ever Pinewood Derby.  As it turned out, of eighteen cars racing, Brevin's finished middle of the pack.  Not too bad for a car lacking in aerodynamic form!

Here are some pictures we took to prove that Jason wasn't the only one who worked on the car (although he did get totally engrossed in the project):

Sanding the Car

 Spray Painting the Base Coat

Adding the Stickers and Details

The Final Product (and Side by Side Comparison) 

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Mandy said...

Pretty darn creative!

Joy said...

THAT is amazing! You two are the most creative, innovative parents ever!

Pickle said...

My My, that is amazing! What a great idea!

The Fears said...

I love that idea for a derby car. so creative!