February 26, 2011

Not To Be All "Mushy" But...

.....Valentine's Day Was Great.

I was helped along by a website that offered this free printable for Valentine cards. 
Add some Pop Rocks and some signatures and they're ready to go.

Each of the boys received a can full of candy and a Hot Wheels Monster truck.  Brevin and
Spencer got tickets to go with Dad to Monster Jam, Dad got a pink necktie and a music
 CD (Men of the MOTAB), and Mom and Dad got new couches
(to be picked out together at a later date).

We did our traditional meals of heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and heart-shaped
pizza with Martinellis for dinner (even though I didn't take a single picture of that).

More candy and chocolate was consumed than was necessary, and hot pink
Rice Krispy Treat hearts were given to school teachers and Primary leaders. 

Jason came home from work and asked if I had thought to put Ella in her new
red dress to take pictures for Valentine's Day. 
I had not, so I made sure to do that before the day was over.

All in all, it was a fabulous (albeit traditionally routine) Valentine's Day.

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The Fears said...

Oh the kids wanted to go to the monster jam too. I went a lot with my brothers when we were kids and loved it. my sister got tickets to it all the time. Maybe next year. I love Ella's red dress so gorgeous! I see you are already indulging in the "dressing up" part of the girl world. love it!! =)