January 19, 2011

False Pretenses

At the hospital, I realized I didn't really have a belly shot.  Thinking it
might be the final opportunity to take one, Jason snapped this picture for me.

I have been sent home from the hospital....twice.  You would think that after having given birth three times previous, I would have it all figured out, but whatever.

The first time wasn't too unexpected.  I had an appointment on Monday (the 10th) and there was some progression that indicated that things were in motion.  After three hours of consistent, five-minute-apart contractions on Tuesday evening and the same during the afternoon on Wednesday, I thought maybe something was in the works.  Turns out that on both occasions, I was experiencing labor induced labor as a result from trying to get my house cleaned.  All that vacuuming, mopping and laundry set off the series of contractions that ceased the minute I slowed down long enough to put my feet up. So after sitting in a hospital bed in observation for an hour with no contractions to speak of, I signed the papers for discharge and was given a lovely note about how I should try not to feel stupid about being sent home.  

So at my appointment on Monday (the 17th), one of my doctors said I was in the most ideal situation to begin labor, he stripped my membranes, and excused me from his office by stating "We'll see you tonight."  When contractions were two minutes apart for an hour (albeit, kind of wimpy), I didn't hesitate to head to the hospital, sure that I would have my water broken and have a baby within the evening. 

After three hours of  observation (and walking the halls to try and encourage a more active labor), the doctor on call decided to send me home because I wasn't progressing very fast.  I was quite upset that he wouldn't break my water.  That had been the protocol in the past, and it proved to be quite productive for me (not walking the halls!).  What's more, he didn't even come in talk to me and it all had the feel of being very impersonal care.  If only Dr. Wolsey had been there...  

Well, as it turns out, it was a blessing that I did not have a baby Monday night (although I did spend a majority of the day Tuesday being all sour grapes about it).  Not having the baby Monday (or Tuesday, for that matter) allowed me to go to Brevin's Pinewood Derby to see first-hand his excitement during the whole event. That was a delight!  It also turned out to be a good thing that I was there since I had charge of the event. I think it ran much more smoothly than it would have if I were trying to instruct others on how the event was to be handled over the phone from a hospital bed.

So now I'm just waiting (and blogging) until I feel there is enough reason to head to the hospital once again. Perhaps the third time will be the charm! 

This post was authored by Amber


Joy said...

OH MY, how frustrating!!! I was wondering how things were going for you these days. I know how you feel about it being super confusing. When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I had very consistent contractions (and other labor symptoms) for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. Every time, I thought it was time, and it drove me insane! So I understand the crazy waiting game you're going through. Almost there! P.S. I was thinking on Sunday, I can't believe how good you look as a prego girl. You're very lucky that your face doesn't swell up and you have a cute basketball belly!

CJ said...

I have been trying to get ahold of you to see if you want to beat the wait with some ice cream. I am in need of a break from monkeys. Too many school holidays, and not enough sleep has made me a very grumpy mommy. I am currently in time out while they all watch a show, since they wouldn't clean up the toys. Good luck, and hope to hear that you're in the hospital for real soon!

Mandy said...

Ugh. The last week is the pits . . . absolute pits. Hang in there!

Liz Adams said...

WOW! let's hope the next time is for real! Happy Birthday and congrats on soon to be baby 4