January 3, 2011

"Somehow or Other, It Came Just the Same!"

I know that December has come and now past,
So I'm getting to posting about it...at last.

It came without mention of wild winter weather.
It came before getting my "blog-act" together.

It came without uploads of pictures to Facebook
(Despite all the numbers of pictures I took).

It came without lists of highlights from our year.
It came without bragging of what goes on here.

Somehow the season just came and then went,
But here are some photos of how it was spent!

Every Christmas, Grandma & Grandpa Park take the entire family to
Los Hermanos for some chips & salsa (among other things).

We went to Temple Square early in the month to beat the crowds at getting to see the lights.

A family friend secured tickets for our family to attend "A Pioneer Christmas"
 at the Church Historical Museum.  The boys even got to see Santa to tell him that he
 could bring them whatever he wanted.  They had no requests. 

We had our annual dinner of snowman-shaped pancakes to go
along with the reading of the book Snowmen at Night.

The Park family has a tradition of having a train around the base of the Christmas tree. 
Grandpa's Polar Express train is much cooler than our GeoTrax train! 

Before church on the Sunday before Christmas, we dedicated some
time to take a few family photos.  By the time we were finished,
Jason and I both had broken into quite a sweat. 
Why is getting a decent family photo such hard work?
The last day of school before Christmas break ended up being
canceled due to a massive snowstorm that dumped on our area.
With school canceled, what better way to spend the day than sledding!
We pulled out the china to have a formal Christmas Eve dinner. 
The boys were excited to open their pajamas before going to bed.
Garrett "crashed" at 7:30  p.m. and thus missed singing
"Happy Birthday" to Jesus before eating some cake.  Brevin and Spencer
 were not far behind when they went to sleep at 8:30 p.m.

 The gifts seemed to be a hit, as everyone was smiling.

The day following Christmas, we traveled to Ogden to be with my family for our annual Grab Bag and Nativity reenactment.  We also had lots of delightful foods to eat.
Spencer got to portray Samuel the Lamanite in the Nativity. 
Brevin (with cousin, Emma) was one of the wise men.

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Heather Child said...

Very cute post! Now if only I had the energy to do the same. Christmas did indeed just come and go...and now I have to sort through all the pictures...which are still on my camera, no where near my computer.

Joy said...

So many smiles of delight! It's unbelievable how old your boys seem. Spencer seemed ancient when he came over to play a couple weeks ago (compared to when I taught him in Sunbeams!), and I noticed at church that Garrett is quite the young man now. I love your creative pancakes and your fun traditions! I truly admire your perseverance in still having tons of fun and doing cute little things even though you're on kid #4!