January 19, 2011

Shout Hooray

Yes, I did celebrate the fact that I recently turned thirty three.  Since we had another family party to attend on the actual night of my birthday, we decided to celebrate a day early.  I chose to have dinner at Tera Mia, an Itallian restaurant in Orem that I had heard was excellent, but didn't know much other than that. It turned out that the recommendation was good, and I really enjoyed my meal. On the way home, Jason stopped at Baskin Robbins to let me pick out a flavor of ice-cream cake (devil's food cake with Oreo ice cream).  Delicious!

As one of my gifts, I was treated to a night out alone for a pedicure.  Boy did that feel good on tired, pregnant feet!  Not to mention, I am still sporting a bright pink nail color that I hope will still look nice when I finally get around to delivering a baby.  I took pictures of my "little piggies" but I will spare the blogosphere from those.  While they are well manicured (or should I say pedicured?), it is still a little disturbing for me to see my toes up that close. 

My other gift was a haircut and style.  Yes, I am definitely in need of some image TLC. 

I have to wait until May to enjoy my final birthday gift, but I am thrilled to know that I will be going to Les Miserables when it comes to the Capital theater.  Man! I love getting old! 

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Julie said...

Happy birthday, my dear! I was thinking about you on your big day, remembering how close together our birthdays are. I'm so glad you got some pampering. Pedicure polish is miraculous--your toes will probably still be looking awesome weeks from now! Why doesn't my own polish ever last as well?! Anyway, glad you had a great 33rd birthday.
Love ya,

By the way, you are about the most adorable pregnant gal I've ever seen! I think that my stomach is already the same size as yours, and I'm not due until late-May :-).

Joy said...

YES! Happy birthday to you. What a great pic of you & your boys (3 of them, anyway). Every woman should get a pedicure during her last month of pregnancy. And Les Miserables.... How awesome!! THAT is my favorite musical. For me, it beats Wicked for sure (but that's just me).

CJ said...

Ah. A pedicure. Perhaps that is what my life is missing right now. Too bad Darren has a basketball game tonight, or I might just treat myself to an early birthday present...