October 1, 2010

Taking in the Fall Colors

Every fall we make sure to take a drive through Provo Canyon and take some photos just above Sundance resort.  This year was a little more challenging because after we drove all the way to our destination, we found that I had not charged the batteries for the camera and they were both indicating that they were drained.  I kept switching between the two, warming them in my hands and pocket, in attempts to get just one more picture out of each battery.  With each shot, I worried that it would be the last. Needless to say, it added a little stress to what was planned to be a nice evening with the family, especially when Spencer decided to make faces and wreck limited family snapshot opportunities. 

Only after being sternly threatened with a loss of media privileges did he cooperate and we got a picture sufficient to add to the archives of fall photographs. 

Getting a decent individual shot is a little bit easier, we've found.

This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

AH hilarious! I absolutely love the highlighted Spencer faces. At least the photos are realistic and people won't look at them and feel depressed that they can't get their kids to pose perfectly. :) Those autumn leaves look beautiful!
We just got some family photos up past Sundance also! How funny.

Heather Child said...

Super cute! I love that story. You'll never forget the year your batteries were dead! The pictures turned out great nonetheless, even if you didn't get as many as you would've liked!

Julie said...

Such beautiful pics, Amber! I remember going with you, your mom, and a few friends into Logan Canyon to do the same thing :-). Such great memories!
Love ya,

Karen said...

I swear out two middle kids could be the same child. Nathan does the exact same thing. We have to resort to threats during pictures with him, too. But Spencer's silly faces made me giggle.

The Helean's said...

I am still laughing! :) Spencer is hilarious... those three are the most adorable boys. Very cute pictures!

Liz Adams said...

you just kind of through that whole baby girl thing in there. I was looking at your blog and was like, say what...how did I miss that? CONGRATS! I bet you are so excited for a girl. When are you due?

The Fears said...

The more in the family the harder to get everyone to cooperate I have found! You guys picked a great spot with pretty fall colors.