October 13, 2010

Fall Sports

This year's soccer season ended much the way it began.  Spencer was part of a U-8 team who utilized a three coach system, focused on teaching the boys proper field position, and thereby annihilated every opposing team they faced.

Brevin's U-10 team was a slightly different story.  They lacked the coaching attention of Spencer's team (to say the least) and the result was a loosing season. 

Despite the differences, Jason and I enjoyed spending a month going between fields to watch the boys play with fierce determination and, most importantly, a positive, sportsmanlike attitude.

And just like that, the season was over.

So now, with Thursday evenings and Saturdays suddenly free of any soccer commitments, the boys were quick to accept an invitation from dad to attend a BYU football game.  They were able to enjoy the Cougars homecoming win over San Diego State, but I think they could care less for the outcome of the game.  They just love to spend time withe their Dad.

Boy, we are sure loving Fall!

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Joy said...

Nice pics! I can't believe Spencer is on a U-8 team already. I just had him in Sunbeams! (And I'll never forget his quote, "Heavenly Father gave us the retaurant of McDonald's.") And also, I like how that old guy is yawning in the background of the last photo.

Julie said...

It's so funny to see your cute boys all bundled up for the football game. We're still in the 70's and 80's down here!
Love ya,

Karen said...

Andrew and Brevin had made plans to find each other at the football game. I didn't let him wander. But I see you were sitting in the south endzone. I'm glad they won that game. Better to be at a winning game than a losing game.