October 25, 2010

School Lunch

We recently celebrated the little known holiday of "National School Lunch Week" by going to Brevin's school to eat lunch with him. I must say, I think they feed these kids a whole lot better than I ever got fed in elementary school. They even have a fresh fruit and salad bar (although, I noticed some children weren't choosing to put those items on their tray). And nothing makes you feel more nostalgic than drinking milk from a small carton, don't you think?

After we ate, we went outside for recess. Garrett even helped with operating the jump rope for several of Brevin's classmates. He was laughing and having a grand time until I started taking pictures and video footage. I was only able to capture the images of a disinterested, nap-ready two year-old, but they still are pretty funny.

Can I say, this sure beats an afternoon at home eating a bowl of Ramen Noodles?!

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Joy said...

Haha i love it! Are Ramen Noodles a family fave or something?? School lunches are so tasty; I remember loving that lunch food vs. my PB&J from home. Especially the chocolate milk in the little carton!!
In the video, Garrett is doing a good job holding that jump rope in one place and not moving it around!
P.S. Did I hear correctly from someone that you're having a girl??