September 8, 2010

About Adoption

I have a dear friend who has recently announced her plans to adopt and she requested help to spread the word.  I know that only a handful of people even read our blog, but perhaps someone might come across this and pass it along to others.  We've added a button on our sidebar just underneath the photos of our boys. It will take you to their blog and allow you to get to know the couple. Or you could simply click here.

So why did I take the time to post this?  Well, I had the privilege of knowing Liz in high school and she was among my dearest friends.  She has this incredible, infectious sense of humor and positive outlook on life; it's a gift really.  I never fail to have an enjoyable time when I am around her.  I think that is a credit to the sincere friendship she offers to others.  Okay, Liz is just a total blast!  Her capacity to share her zest and passion for life is seemingly limitless.  She would be such a remarkable mother because she is, first, a remarkable person. How my life would have been empty without Liz!

I should also mention how the adoption process has personally affected me.  Not long after I found out I was having my third boy, our family learned that Jason's brother and wife were welcoming a son to their home whose birth mother made the brave choice to offer him for adoption.  It has been such a blessing for Garrett to have a cousin close to his age.  As an extended family, we have embraced and loved him as our own (who simply happened to take a little "detour" with his arrival).  How our lives would have been empty without him!

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Liz Adams said...

that was so nice. I'm crying! Thank you