September 3, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You know the classic Staples commercial where the dad is skipping down the aisles of the store, filling his cart with post-it notes, pencils, and other various school sundries, all to the tune, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?"  Following in his wake of pure bliss are two sullen children, dreading the end of summertime leisure. I love that commercial, even though it is over the top cheesy (especially the voice-over). I guess I have always related to the idea of getting hyped-up for the start of school.  Yet, I have always wondered, why is it the dad and not the mom?  Isn't it mom who survives the worst of what summer has to dish out--keeping idle children busy, breaking up fights between siblings who spend a bit too much time together, grocery shopping with all children in tow, etc.?  But I digress....

It is not going to come as a surprise, then, to learn that I do not cry when I send my children to school, not even my kindergartener.  I do not shed one tear.  It's not that I am insensitive or not a loving, attached mother.  I just get excited about the start of school--the start of a new challenge and adventure.  Sure, I am fully aware that my children are growing up at hyper-speed. That is why I take loads of pictures to document their growth.  So here they are:

 The traditional pose-in-front-of-the-flowers-on-the-first-morning-before-school-starts picture

Brevin with his new 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Roylance                   Spencer with his new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Miner

Each sitting at his desk (er...table)

Ready to go, and not looking back!

This post authored by Amber


Pickle said...

good grief, I'm always more impressed after I read your blog, how is that possible? I cry, by the way, but I like your approach and might adopt it. I love the back to school feast and how special you make it. So neat. And I love the green theme for his baptism. You are so creative and I want to steal all your cute ideas, but I get tired thinking about pulling them off. Everything is so cute! Congrats on the girl too, so exciting!!!

Julie said...

Hey, there! I am exactly the same way with Drew. Can't wait for school to start up! When Katie headed to kinder this fall, though, I was really sad. I got teary at some point every day for the first two weeks. For a gal who never cries, I couldn't believe how emotional it made me! I think I'm finally getting used to it, although I still miss her something fierce.
Congrats on the baby girl!! I knew you were expecting, but I just saw that you are adding pink to your adorable family. You will LOVE it! And what a lucky girl, to be coming into this world as your daughter.
Love ya,

Heather said...

I was totally going to get the teacher picture when I picked Harrison up on his first day...then he decided he wanted to ride the bus I missed that opportunity. Would it be lame to do it two weeks later?