September 1, 2010

What A Good Day!

The day of Brevin's baptism was so lovely. All throughout the afternoon and evening I kept commenting to Jason, "What a good day! Wasn't it such a good day?" And it was, really.

The morning started early as Jason went over to the church around 9:30 a.m. I followed shortly after with Spencer and Garrett. It was so nice to see that our group had been assigned to meet in the chapel.

Brevin shared his baptism program with a neighbor from the ward that he'd become close friends with over the summer. (Her family shares a backyard property line with us.) The program was simple and included an "impromptu" musical number by Brevin, Spencer, and Amiee and her sisters. (We were never able to get them together for a practice.) Then all who had joined us for the occasion were invited to the Relief Society room to watch the baptism.

Of particular note, Brevin took in a huge gasp of air following the prayer and preceding the immersion. You would have thought he was preparing for a deep sea dive. It initiated a wave of laughter (slightly suppressed and of the reverent variety, of course).

After the confirmation and a few words from bishop Patten, the meeting was concluded and we went outside to take a few pictures before heading back to our home for lunch and, of course, cake and ice-cream.

Like I said before, it was such a good day!

Here are the pictures to prove it:

Both Jason and Brevin are sporting new suits. Don't they look handsome!

I have now come to the conclusion that the more people you add into a picture, the less likely it is to turn out well.

Green was the theme (inspired by Brevin's favorite color as well as the color of the CTR shield).

With family gathered, it was the perfect opportunity to sing happy birthday, have cake, and open birthday gifts.

Did I mention it was a good day? Oh, yeah. I guess I did.
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Mandy said...


The Helean's said...

I'm so glad it was such a good day!! Although, these pictures make me sad that we couldn't make it :( Brevin is turning into such a handsome boy... Jace and I love him so much!

The Helean's said...

P.S. I LOVE the baby girl's picture at the top of your page... it's a lovely touch :) Can't wait for that little girl to get here!

Jennifer Bracken said...

Cute pictures Amber! Im sure it was a great day!!

Joy said...

Seems like it was a good day or something! :) Glad it went well. I like the new suits. Men in suits are so handsome and sharp (disclaimer: I am not hitting on anyone in your family in any way)! Congrats to Brevin!

Karen said...

So sorry we missed the big day! I must be a powerful moment to watch your first born get baptized. Congrats to Brevin!