August 31, 2010

It's Great to Be Eight

This summer, Brevin celebrated a milestone birthday.  He turned eight years old, and that's kind of a big deal around these parts.  It's a literal "right of passage" into church membership (more on his baptism later!), the Cub Scouts organization, the Faith in God program, and U10 soccer.  I am thrilled that I have some extra keep-my-child-busy-doing-worthwhile-activities ammunition in my arsenal now.  I can better combat Brevin's recent desire to play video games all day (although the Cub Scouts program has a video game academic belt loop and pin...go figure!). 

And of course, with a birthday comes the traditional celebrations and hoopla.  This year was an off year for friend parties, and that's okay, because we did a big family shindig after Brevin's baptism.  The morning started off with his birthday breakfast request of pancakes shaped in the number eight.

He received gifts among which included a new suit, scriptures, a Cub Scout uniform, and--what do you know--more video games.

I let him invite a friend over to play for the day, and he and Cameron spent the majority of their time together playing video games.  (I am noticing a trend here.)  That evening, we went as a family to Brevin's restaurant of choice, Pirate Island Pizza.  I'm relieved to see that Brevin and Spencer's tastes have evolved  from McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese's.

And to show that Brevin did do a few other things besides play video games during his past year of life, here is his year in review video:

Happy Birthday, Brevy-Boy!

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Joy said...

I like the 8 pancake idea. Sounds like he's involved in a lot of great activities! And oh, the video games. Take comfort: Pace grew up playing video games all the time, and just look at him now!!! I don't know if that helps... :)

The Fears said...

Time sure flies! 8 is a big milestone. Alyssa is so excited, she still has to endure many baptisms for her friends until it is her turn! How exciting. Congrats by the way on your upcoming baby girl! she will have a lot of work to do to get around 3 older brothers! I had 4 older brothers(that sure was fun in high school)

Liz Adams said...

Mother of the YEAR award - awarded to Amber for being so flipping awesome! (and a good cook)