July 23, 2009

Thornhill Family Reunion

It's been nearly ten years since we got this whole "clan" together, but from the time we stepped onto Little Creek Ranch in Paragonah, Utah, there was a secure sense of familial familiarity (whew, say that five times fast). Sure, it was nice to have name tags for the sake of remembering first cousins once removed, but were all friends on Facebook, now, so that will make it easier for next time.

Cheryl did a wonderful job orchestrating the details that went into housing, feeding, and entertaining nearly ninety people. We had a variety show (what an incredibly varied and talented group of people!), water balloon launches, horseback riding, playground playing, board games, a melodrama performance to honor my Aunt Fran and Uncle Gary's 50th wedding anniversary, a grab bag, slide show videos, a sock hop, and games and relay races, too. Don't worry. There was ample time to visit and become reacquainted.
Brevin and Spencer loved every minute of it, and they will forever have fond memories of Paragonah...as will Jason and I.

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