July 25, 2009

Growing Pains

Garrett has managed to master some additional skills, and his new found independence makes things a bit more interesting at our home, to say the least.

On more than one occasion, we have had an unintentional tug of war with his spoon, resulting in baby food splatterings on the wall, me, and the floor.

And now that he is walking, he is also climbing stairs, falling off said stairs, climbing to the top bunk bed, climbing on furniture, well...you get the idea.
Here is footage taken on July 3rd of his early stages of walking (he's much more "sure footed" now):

This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

ah yes, the good ol' climbing/ walking adventures! Seems as though you have your hands full with 3 lively, adorable boys!

Julie said...

He is so cute! My parents had a great time with your cute boys. I hope D and B did alright on the way home :-). You're awesome to have dropped him off. Saved me a trip! That was a ton of fun to get together. Can't wait until the next time!! You're adorable!!!

Pickle said...

Congrats Garrett on Walking!!