July 2, 2009

"Oh, They Say When You Marry in June"

It's nice to feel like you're a bride every once in a while. Going on a date to a fancy restaurant sans kids, holding hands as you stroll through the parking lot, getting your picture taken as a couple at the end of the evening; it all had that familiar air of newly-weddedness. Yes, it was a great way to spend an evening (while making a substantial financial contribution to the sushi chef at Happy Sumo). What a lovely 12th anniversary!

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Julie said...
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Julie said...

Oops! I had kids climbing on me as I was typing my original comment, and as I read it afterward, it was a little confusing. So...let's try that again :-)!
You two are such a beautiful couple! You look just like newlyweds!! You would never know that you have a few kids :-). Happy anniversary!
Did you get my email? I have an old email address for you, but Mandy gave me Jason's, so I sent you an email through him. I'll be home in a few weeks and was looking to get together with anyone who can make it. Shoot me an email--I hope you have my address!--and I'll fill you in.