June 29, 2013

The Boys of Summer

Warm weather, lush, green parks--nothing feels like summer quite like sitting on the edge of a diamond-shaped playing field, cheering on tanned children with sun-bleached hair.  There certainly wasn't a shortage of opportunities for Jason and I to do just that, with three boys involved in baseball and kickball this season.  I'll admit.  It's a good way to spend a portion of those lazy summer days.

Brevin participated in his second year of baseball in the Mustang league and was one of the older players on his team.  His coach often had him play first baseman, and he was able to see quite a bit of playtime action because of that.  His team, the Diamondbacks, had a relatively successful season and played into the post-season loosing in a close game in the semi-finals.

Garrett was able to start kickball this summer.  The main objective of this league is to introduce the children to the concept of base running and passing.  It is supposed to help with the transition to t-ball the following year, and it is very entertaining to watch.

It wasn't all spectating for Jason this summer.  He signed on to be the coach for Spencer's coach-pitch team for a second year.  All their practicing together really paid off.  As you can see from the pictures, Spencer was able to hit his pitches into the outfield nearly every time.

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