June 15, 2013

On Our Trail to Fame and Glory

It's been several years since we last hiked the "Y" trail.  Now that summer is in full swing, we are anxiously working on checking things off our summer "bucket list."  Hike to the "Y" in the most perfect weather possible...check!

Getting everyone to look for this family photo at the 
trail head may have been the hardest part of the hike.

Ella had quite the accommodations for the ascent.  
She even had a bottle of bubbles to keep her entertained. 

I had some pretty stellar hiking buddies.

Every now and again we would stop to appreciate 
the amazing views of Provo and its surrounding areas.

On the last switchback, Ella insisted making the 
trek on her own, much to Jason' s relief, I'm sure. 

Here we are atop the "Y."

The children posed for this picture on the way back down.

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