June 16, 2013

"I'm Really Glad That He's My Dad"

Most of Jason's Father's Day was spent with each of our four children clamoring to be close to him, eager and happy to celebrate with him.  He sat through sacrament meeting with four Disney baby princesses carefully stuffed into his front shirt pocket as he listened to the three boys sing with the Primary choir about how he is their favorite pal.  Well, there's no denying.  We think he is pretty special.  Happy Father's Day, Jason!

At his request, it was fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls with 
cream cheese frosting from Shirley's Bakery for breakfast.

The children were all so eager for Jason to open his gifts.  I think
 it was because they knew he'd likely share his treats with them.

I love that in the picture above Jason looked so surprised, 
especially when he told me that he wanted the exact same thing
 we got for him last year: a superhero kit (free printables found HERE).

Par for the course.

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