April 20, 2013

Jason's 38th Birthday

Jason just "logged" another birthday, bringing his grand total to 38.  I don't know if I was not ready to exert the energy to come up with any ideas or if I was just feeling particularly lazy, but leading up to the day, I kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday or how he wanted to celebrate.  He offered very little in the way of party planning suggestions, but he did tell me that he wanted German pancakes with buttermilk syrup for his breakfast.

Well, up until three days before Jason's birthday, I was at a complete loss for what to give him or even what sort of cake to make.  I turned my attention to the internet, looking for ideas for gifts for men.  Most were power-tool related, so I decided I'd use that as a starting point.  I knew he needed a new cordless drill (I had used his recently, and it was on its deathbed).  I was also pretty sure our children had destroyed every decent tape measure he owned by playing with them, so I thought that a new one of those would be nice, too.  After I left the Home Depot with items that were all a bright and cheery yellow, I was struck with the inspiration to go monochromatic.  I created a spread of gifts and treats in hues of gold, to be displayed for Jason to come home from work to discover. It turned out to be a great last-minute surprise since I didn't have to wrap anything.  The final touch was a lemon-flavored ombre cake and a birthday greeting that referenced an inside joke that Jason and I have that originated from way back when we were dating.

It all came together so nicely, you would have thought I put weeks worth of thought and effort into it.  I do feel that the color of choice seemed perfectly appropriate, not because yellow is Jason's favorite color, but because it is mine, and I guess you could say Jason is my favorite person, too!

After Jason arrived home from work and got a glimpse of his "loot," he and I went on a date that evening to Malawi's Pizza and had a lovely time. 

When we arrived home, he was treated to the sweetest chorus of Happy Birthday (courtesy of our children) before we all ate a slice of cake with ice-cream.  We may have eaten some golden Oreo cookies as well.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

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