April 16, 2013


I really wish I was able to help in my children's classrooms more.  Since I really can't commit to be a frequent and consistent help in the classrooms, I at least try to sign up to help with one party or field trip event for each teacher.  For Spencer, I signed up to help chaperone a field trip to Harward Farms. It turned out to be a wonderfully educational experience sponsored by USU Extension Services and it involved the 4H organization and farmers from surrounding communities. (I look forward to signing up for this field trip when Garrett is in second grade.)

When we arrived, Spencer grabbed a bucket on the front row and watched as the entire group was able to witness a sheep shearing.

After, each class was organized into groups that rotated through a number of different stations.  They would listen to a presentation that lasted about three minutes or so before a large horn would sound, and the groups would move to the next location. I think there were around twenty stations in all.

We moved in and out of barns and trailers and learned about the farming process of grains, chickens, pigs, beef, dairy, mink, bee keeping, etc.  They also discussed things like farm safety, hand washing and germ prevention, and the latest government nutrition guidelines (MyPlate.gov).

Although the weather was quite cold and rainy, the field trip was a wonderful activity to be a part of, although we were relieved to climb into the heated bus when it was all said and done.

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