May 2, 2013

Performing on the Track and on the Stage

It was quite a busy day for Brevin.  He started the morning competing in Hershey Track, then ended with two performances of his school musical, The Emperor's New Clothes.  Jason and I were thrilled to see how well he performed in both.

Hershey Track

Brevin ran the 50m dash and easily won in his first heat and advanced to the semi-finals.  He narrowly pulled out a first place victory in his semi-final heat, but his time did not qualify him to run in the finals.

Brevin also competed in the 100m dash, and his results were almost identical.  He took first place in his first heat by a long distance.  He took first place in his semi-final heat, but his time, once again, placed him just outside of the finals. Even though he didn't pull off an overall victory, Jason and I still had such a fun time watching him compete.  He really did us proud.
The Emperor's New Clothes

Despite a morning with all that running, Brevin was still energetic on stage as he performed in the school musical.  They had an afternoon show and an evening performance, so it really was a packed day. 

This was Brevin's first year to even be allowed to audition for the show, and he was pretty excited to be selected as a chorus member.  For  three months leading up to the show, he had participated in after school rehearsals under the direction of Spencer's second grade teacher, Miss Winkel.

Art City Elementary has quite the reputation for putting on a spectacular show each year.  I know.  I've had the privilege of attending a number of them in the past, but it is all the more exciting to have your own child in the play.  Brevin looked so handsome on stage, and he had a wonderful time.  I was glad our family, including Jason's parents, were all able to watch him and encourage him in this, his theatrical debut. Once again, he really did us proud.

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