January 28, 2013

Time Out

I went on a little weekend getaway--solo.

Both Jason's family and mine had special extended family events that took place on the same weekend, but in different locations.  His brother and sister-in-law were scheduled to have their adopted baby girl sealed to their family in the Provo temple.  My brother and sister each had their oldest daughters going through the St. George temple for the first time in preparation for upcoming mission departures.  Both events were of significant importance to us and we wanted to be sure to support our families for each occasion.  Jason and I decided to "divide and conquer."  The only question that remained was what to do with the children.  We discussed several scenarios, explored every possible option, and the decision that seemed to fit best for our family was to have me travel to St. George with my younger brother and his family and to leave the children in Jason's care for the weekend.  So that is what we did.

I haven't spent a night away from Jason and the children in nearly five years, with the exception of hospital stays when babies were born.  While a getaway experience is not necessarily something I seek out for myself, I will admit, I began to look forward to the excursion as the trip drew near. It was going to be a welcomed change to visit with family without worrying over the needs of my children. (Road trips are quite pleasant when you are not the designated snack-hander-outer.)

I thoroughly enjoyed riding and visiting with Clark and Lisa. They picked me up after dinner and drove all the way to St. George through slight, sporadic snowstorms and fog.  We arrived at Lance and Sharley's not long after 11:00 p.m.  My sweet niece, Morgan, offered her room and bed to me for that night, and I slept, without interruption, until the next morning.

Saturday I met with family in the temple and enjoyed participating in an endowment session where the room was filled with familiar faces.  It was so lovely.  I was happy to be there in support of my two beautiful nieces whom I think the world of.  I imagined Jason, hours away in another temple in a sealing room filled with familiar faces.  I'm certain it was just as lovely.  I'm glad that he was there in support of his brother's family whom I think the world of.

After the session, we went to Golden Corral for lunch.  I returned to Lance and Sharley's home to pack up my things and we began to head north.  This time I hitched a ride with my father and step-mother who flew in from Texas to be a part of the weekend's events.

We stopped in Cedar City where my sister, Cheryl, had prepared a dinner for all of the visitors who were in town to watch her perform in her community theater's production of Annie.  Cheryl secured the lead role of Miss Hannigan in the play, and she was fantastic!  I enjoyed the musical immensely.  It has been nearly 25 years since I, myself, had the lead role of Annie in our community theater in Del Rio, Texas.  Watching the show again brought back many fond memories.

Following the show, Clark, Cheryl and her good friend, and I stayed up late, reminiscing and laughing about old memories, all the while creating new ones.  We finally went to bed, exhausted but happy.  The next  morning we readied ourselves for church, had some delicious pancakes (courtesy of Cheryl), then attended sacrament meeting.  After the meeting it was time to head back home in hopes of keeping ahead of the next storm that was forecasted for northern Utah.

I arrived home feeling refreshed and giddy after having spent a wonderful weekend with my family.  It was fabulous!

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