January 1, 2013

First Night

On the agenda for New Year's Eve:

*finally get around to watching the Sherlock Holmes film A Game of Shadows which I've had in my possession for months now and haven't even seen,

*get pizza for the children and then have Brevin tend the rest while I go on a date with Jason to Sizzler, 

*make sure to take plenty of photographs of everyone posing in their snazzy 2013 glittered glasses,

*let Jason and Brevin watch Mission:Impossible on Netflix and all the others watch The Lorax while I frantically try to finish up a grant application for the PTA that has a deadline of December 31, 2012,

*watch the ball drop in Time Square and give my husband a celebratory kiss on the stroke of midnight,

* go out on the front porch and into the frigid cold to light some sparklers,

* and make a list of resolutions for the coming year 2013.  Nah.  I think we're good!

 On the agenda for New Year's Day:

*play in the snow

* and get everyone to bed early!

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