January 4, 2013

Thirty-five (For those of You Who are Counting)

Yep.  I turned thirty-five.

Funny...when I was in elementary school, there was a TV series called thirtysomething.  I remember thinking,  Thirty-something?  That is soooo old! 

Ahem.  Well, I was totally misguided at the time, wasn't I?

I also remember that in elementary school a year took for-ev-er to cycle through.  Come to find out, a year is really only a blink of an eye.  My point is this: You can't depend on a grade-school child's concept of time.  It's totally warped! 

(So basically, I want all who read this to know that I really am not "soooo old.")  But I digress....

So I had a birthday, and I started the day off right with a Zumba workout and a shower.  To conclude the day, I got to pick the restaurant we ate at.  I chose Texas Roadhouse, I chose steak and shrimp, and I chose NOT to sit on the birthday saddle and make a fool of myself. No bag of peanuts is worth the humiliation. When we came home, Jason had opted to do something a little different than cake, so we had dessert pizzas from Brick Oven.  They were delicious.  Ella helped me blow out the candle.  We figured she needed some practice for her big day in a couple of weeks.

One of my birthday gifts was the 25th anniversary Blu Ray of The Princess Bride.  I was in fifth grade when that movie was first released.  I thought it was fantastic.  As it turns out, it is just as fantastic now as it was 25 years ago.  Huh...I guess you can trust a grade-school child's opinion on some things.

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