August 9, 2012

"I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good"

Brevin turned ten this past July, and I could sum up the past year of his life in two words--Harry Potter.  It was in that time he read all the books, watched all the movies multiple times, and spent a rather large amount of time role playing as a wizard and spell battling with friends and brothers.  He hand carved a wand, built a pinewood derby Hogwarts Express train, and colored his hair and donned his black robes on more than one occasion.  It's been a bit of an obsession, and I'm totally okay with that.  In fact, I am pleased as punch.  I've loved sharing his interest in all things Harry Potter and watching his excitement as he has explored this new and magical world of which I had become so familiar with some years ago.

Of course, Brevin has many other interests like sports, scouts, and video games (yes, he has Harry Potter video games, too), and this has also been a year of impressive social and emotional growth and maturing.  He has developed into quite the responsible person, and I rely on him heavily to help take care of his younger siblings and set a good example for them.  He has definitely been up to the task, and for that I am grateful.  That being said, I still think this will be the year we look back on with fondness as the year he lived life through the eyes of "the boy who lived."

Brevin's Birthday Breakfast

German pancakes and buttermilk syrup seem to be a popular breakfast of choice at our home.  Brevin did consider blueberry pancakes in the shape of a number 10, but then he concluded that he really wanted to have what Spencer had.  I threw in a breakfast fruit smoothie to sweeten the deal.

Post Delivered by Owl

Brevin's birthday fell to a Thursday this year, and he did not want to wait until his party on Sunday to receive gifts from mom and dad, so parcels were delivered by owl on the day of his birthday. (I got the clever idea from HERE.) 

Brevin's Birthday Dinner

Since he requested the same breakfast as Spencer, why not choose the same location Spencer chose for dinner?  After all, how can you beat all-you-can-eat pizza?

A Magical Birthday Celebration

We do not have a friend birthday party every year, and this happened to be the "off" year for Brevin.  Still, we always have a get together with extended family who live close so we can eat cake and ice cream and watch a year-in-review video. Brevin requested a Harry Potter themed party (surprise, surprise) and I went to work on creating what might have been my favorite party to plan yet.  It was such a blast to implement all of the brilliant ideas available through an internet search of Harry Potter party ideas.

The Invitations:

Thanks to an online tutorial HERE, the invitations turned out looking great.  I cut brown packing paper from a roll to fit through my printer for the envelopes and then sealed them with sealing wax supplies that I purchased from a craft store.  The Hogwarts acceptance letter wording came directly out of the book and I created an insert with the specific party details. Both were printed on news print paper that I bought from a paper supply company. 

The Party Table:

My inspiration for the table decor came from HERE.  While I did not even come close to duplicating what had been done, I was pleased, nonetheless, with how Brevin's table looked.  I had so much fun at a local thrift store buying mismatched jars and bottles and the curtain drape that became the table covering.  The sterling silver candelabras I already owned, though, and they just so happened to hold ten candles.  Perfect! 

The Drinks:

I loved the free printable labels for The Three Broomsticks Butter Beer that I found HERE.  I printed them on sheets of sticker paper, cut them out, and slapped them on some IBC cream sodas.  It could not have been any easier to create this element of the party, and it added an authentic detail to the table that Harry Potter lovers would truly appreciate.

For those not interested in Butter Beer, I had my huge dispenser of water. Paired with jars filled with random things such as laundry soap, syrup, and fertilizer, we had the perfect makings for a potions display (especially when THESE LABELS were added to the jars).

The Cake:

And then there was the cake.  I am pretty proud of this one.  When Brevin requested a cake that looked like Hedwig the owl, I thought it would be easy to find pictures on the internet of such a concoction.  As it turned out, there was not much to inspire, so I studied actual photos of Hedwig from the film instead.  I used my Wilton stand-up bear cake pan and added another six-inch round to give a bit of height to the cake.  I created each feather individually, painted black food coloring on the tip, then secured it to a wing or tail piece, all of which was made from marshmallow fondant.  The eyes, beak and feet were also made of fondant, as were the decorative elements of the wand and scarf.  Because I wanted the the cake to be edible, the remainder was covered with a buttercream frosting and I used a leaf frosting tip to create the smaller fluffy feathers.  When it was time to cut the cake, we removed all the fondant so we could get to the good stuff. 

 All that remained was to sing Happy Birthday and let Brevin attempt to blow out the candles.

He looked like he might force himself to pass out:

It was the blowing of the candles from this new angle that sent a smattering of rust colored wax across my kitchen wall:

Wow!  That was a lot of work blowing out those candles.  You better enjoy a Butter Beer...or two!

"Mischief Managed!"

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i enjoyed all your updates, but this one blew me away. please plan my kids next party! way to go!