August 6, 2012

Celebrating America

The Fourth of July is quite the event around these parts.  Provo's Freedom Festival is a celebration that I believe is unmatched by most of the country.  As a family, we try to take in as many of the events offered as possible, because I want to leave an impression upon my children that living in this country and enjoying the freedoms it has to offer is a big deal--a very big deal--and certainly one worth celebrating.  I hope that the excitement and fun my children experience will eventually translate into feelings of patriotism and respect and loyalty for our country.  I also secretly hope that one day they will feel, as I do, that the single most exhilarating and awesome event of any Fourth of July celebration is this:

What was cool about Provo's Freedom Festival this year is that they did a flyover for the parade and the fireworks.  Even so, the roaring of jets so low to the ground that you can feel it vibrate in your chest is something that I could never get enough of.

Oh, and I do like all of this other stuff, too:

We got up early to watch the hot air balloons lift off from Fox field.

Ella thought it was pretty neat when the balloons lifted off the ground.

After the balloons, we nabbed a spot near the very
 front of the parade route. Jason picked up some McDonald's
for breakfast, and we ate while we waited for the parade to start.

We managed to be close enough to the front of the road
for a good view and where children could run out to
grab candy or a high-five from a beloved Cosmo.

We finished the night in true celebratory fashion as we watched
 the fireworks from Provo High School's football field.

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