July 26, 2010

Little Creek Ranch...Big Family Reunion

Since they were aware we would be returning to Little Creek Ranch for a summer family reunion, our boys were counting down the days until we would go to Paragonah Canyon.   This would be a reunion for the three blended families on my side to come together, eat lots of food, play games, and simply have a great time visiting.  We did a few other things as well.

We played in the water and launched water balloons:

We competed in a number of sports activities and various feats of skill:

Spencer lost his first tooth while there (don't worry, the tooth fairy managed to find him and deposit a gold dollar in the bottom of his sleeping bag):

We played the whipped cream game (a new family favorite activity):

And we rode horses:

Another highlight of our trip, although I don't have pictures of it, was exploring the sponge beds in the nearby pastures.

The trip did not disappoint.  It lived up to the every bit of anticipation that was assigned to it.  It also made for an opportune time to announce to all of my family in one setting that we are expecting a baby in January. (So, consider that a golden nugget of information for all those who endure to the end of my lengthy posts. You're welcome!)

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Julie said...

Congrats, Amber!!!! I'm so excited for you! What an adorable family you are creating, full of fun traditions and memories.
Love ya!

Joy said...

OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!!! I'm really glad that I read your blog because I get to read golden nuggets of info! CONGRATS-- I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations! That's so fun. Sounds like you've had a fun, busy summer so far. Cute pictures!