July 26, 2010

Fishing With Dad

Brevin and Spencer continually work toward earning special outings and activities, and recently they selected to go fishing with dad.  We thought we'd try a close location that we'd never been to before on an evening during the week.

We made a quick jaunt to Salem Pond to see how the fishing would be.  It turned out to be a lovely evening for the entire family.  Spencer had a few bites and Brevin managed to reel one in.  The pictures I took turned out nicely, too.  I'd say that it was definately a successful evening of fishing.

This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

Love the photos, especially that last one where Brevin is so excited and proud in the background. Nice work! Let's hear more about your rewards program for the boys so I can "borrow" the idea. We do fun things with Chase a lot, and I'm feeling like they should be earned sometimes!

Pickle said...

love the last picture, that is perfect!