June 16, 2009

"It'd Be Nice If You Could Pull Me Into Town"

Yeah, I thought this idea was pretty clever, but now that I look at the pictures, I realize it was comedic gold!
Each year for the Art City Days children's parade, I have made my children dress up in costumes because I am too lazy to put streamers on their bikes. They've been clowns, Spiderman, clowns again, and one year Brevin was Napoleon Dynamite. So I got thinking, Spencer hasn't had a chance to wear the Napoleon costume, and this is a good opportunity to wear it. So when Brevin asked to ride roller blades as opposed to a bike this year, everything came together to create this perfect costume duo. I guess you could say this is our little tribute to a ridiculously funny, yet pointless piece of cinematic creation.
While the boys worked their way around the block, I pushed Garrett alongside in the jogging stroller. It was fun to hear all of the comments people were making about Brevin and Spencer. I don't think Brevin heard any of them. He was fixed and concentrated on not falling down while trying to keep up with Spencer's erratic pace. They made it completely to the end without mishap, but that's when Spencer stopped the bike abruptly, causing Brevin to bump into him and fall on his bottom. From his new position on the ground, he managed to get off a frustrated kick that hit Spencer square in the back. That's when "the gloves (wig and glasses) came off" and a slight scuffle ensued. I broke up the fight and was met with protests of, "I never want to do this again!" I hope they were talking about never wanting to do the fighting in public thing again, because I am all for that!

Oh well, I'm just glad I got pictures of them during happier moments of this whole experience. Although, they don't exactly look too happy in these pictures, do they?

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Heather said...

The picture of Spencer at the end is classic! That is a perfect Napoleon expression!!

I'm glad they made it all the way around. I wanted to see them but lost them soon after the starting horn blew!!

Julie said...

That is so clever! Just what I'd expect from a creative gal like you!!

Mandy said...


Pickle said...

This is classic! I love it!

The Helean's said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I love it!!