June 22, 2009

Cupcakes for Sale

So...I figured if my sons were old enough to ask to own an expensive item like a Nintendo DS, it was time for them to learn something about fiscal responsibility. Besides, I am not going to shell out over $100 for a piece of technology that will shortly be superseded by the next "big thing." Instead, I offered to bake cupcakes for them to sell in efforts to raise their own money. (Too bad the cupcakes did not taste like these ones!)

We found a good spot on a busy road, not too far from our home, that proved to be ideal for a small business operation. People were quick to stop for a twenty-five cent cupcake and to give support to the budding entrepreneurs. We didn't stay outside for very long; long-term exposure to warm temperatures doesn't bode well for butter-based icings. Nevertheless, an hour and a half on Friday and one hour on Saturday allowed the boys to bring in $30.00. Not too bad.

If I decide to take my cut, the boys will only have to do thirteen more bake sales like that before they will have their coveted Nintendo DS in hand. Well, it appears this experience may be a two-for-one, because I may also be teaching them something about being patient...really, really patient!

This post authored by Amber


Julie said...

Amber, you are SUCH a good mom! What a great lesson, and what beautiful cupcakes!!

Mandy said...

We made our kids earn the Wii by doing extra jobs. Way to not give in! The DS will mean so much more to them this way.

Joy said...

Such pretty cupcakes! Those boys could easily earn 50 cents (rather than 25) per cupcake. I mean, just LOOK at their sweet little faces!!!

Pickle said...

Very cute cupcakes, and what a fun day for them! You are such a cute mom!