June 12, 2009

Bronze Baby

In the past we have entered each of our boys in the Art City Days baby contest, and have had relative success. Brevin placed third and Spencer came in second. Not too shabby. Win or not, you get a bag full of goodies, coupons to local businesses, a diaper, a t-shirt for the baby, and a professional photograph just for entering, so we're always sure to participate. I admit, it is nice to receive the extra validation of a perfect stranger's opinion that your child is worthy of recognition.

Of course, all of the babies are darling. I haven't quite figured out the judging criteria for the contest. I think it must, in large part, have something to do how much your child interacts with the judges (smiles at them, claps hands, does other funny little tricks that mom and dad are trying too hard to encourage, etc.). I couldn't keep Garrett on his assigned number, let alone get him to perform for the judges. But they must have at least got a glimpse of those beautiful baby-blues, 'cause they decided to give him a medal anyway. He placed third for boys ages 11-13 months. That meant he would have his picture in the paper, a ride in the parade, and his oldest brother would have major bragging rights ("My brother, Garrett, won third place in the baby contest just like I did when I was a baby!").

Below is a picture of him right after he placed. You would think I would have tried harder to tame that crazy hair, but that cowlick on the forehead thing makes it difficult to figure out the direction the hair should be combed.

And now here is the picture taken of Garrett and I during the parade. Yeah, it looks like I've got the "elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist" wave down. Garrett, on the other hand, did not want to be on a truck bed. He wanted to be in his own bed in a quiet, dark room. The parade time ran right through his morning nap.

But look how happy he was when we got off our float and joined the family to watch the rest of the parade:

Okay, I'm done boasting about my sweet, handsome boy...for now, at least!

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Heather said...

So cute! The parade ride is definitely a one-time thing though huh?

Julie said...

I never saw the rest of the contestants, but I'm still positive I would've picked your beautiful baby! He's a stunner!!

Pickle said...

Congrats! I agree you have darling boys, all three.

Liz Adams said...

Too cute! Your kids are all actors like you...I can tell