February 23, 2009

Temple Tour

With the completion of the Utah Draper Temple, we had opportunity to attend the open house. Jason's parents received a number of tickets for the entire extended family, so we enjoyed the experience together.

Because it was a Saturday evening, it was quite busy, and it was a long time of waiting, shuttling, and standing in lines through a length of tents before we even set foot into the building. All the young children did relatively well considering the lateness of the hour and the time spent standing on their feet, but a promise of cookies and miniature water bottles at the conclusion of the tour seemed to make it more bearable.

The temple itself was remarkably elegant, as all temples are. I was most impressed with the baptismal font, the murals in two of the endowment rooms, and, of course, the massive chandelier in the Celestial room. It was all so lovely!

As we neared the end, Brevin exclaimed, "That was the coolest tour ever!" I'm glad he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did!

picture taken at the reception in the chapel adjacent to the temple

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The Helean's said...

I just updated myself with your blog :) it's been awhile since I've got on here!! I love all of your recent posts... they are so darling! I finally updated mine :) you'll have to check it out

Heather said...

That was a crazy night! Still very worth it though. I'm glad we all got to go together!