February 12, 2009

And Just Like That...

...Garrett Turned Nine Months!

At his doctor's appointment, Garrett barely tipped the scales at 16 lbs. 10 oz. which placed him in the 3rd percentile for weight. However, at 29 inches long, he can boast 76th percentile. When I explained that he is up to three meals, snacks, and continued nursing, Dr. Michalek simply stated, "He will just always be one of those boys who can eat anything he wants and not gain weight." That sounds like Nirvana to me!

So what is new in Garrett's life? His latest milestone is that he is finally sleeping through the night! (Okay, that is not really true, but I am trying to send a "message to the universe" as advised in some book that I haven't even read)! Here's what he's actually done. Not long after he hit eight months, he mastered sitting independently-my favorite stage of all time (not yet mobile, yet content to enjoy the world from a new perspective off of Mommy's hip). It didn't last long, though. Two weeks ago he started to army crawl. To compensate for this new development, I confine him to sitting in his high chair with the occasional handful of Cheerios tossed his way. That keeps him happy enough...until I leave the room.

Garrett loves to observe his brothers and has learned that their main form of communication in our household appears to be loudly voiced, so he squeals and screams and has occasional spastic outbursts (usually when we are all at the dinner table together), and that gets the rest of us in a fit of giggles. Other than that, he is still his quiet and contented self, and he is great when it comes to traveling in the car (an absolute necessity, with all the errands I run with him in tow). Yeah, he's a great baby...but seeming more like a boy every day!

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