July 2, 2008

Springville Art City Days

Well, publishing that last post reminded me that we never posted about Art City Days. It's just like in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie where doing one thing reminds you that you need to do something else. So....

What do you do for fun in a small town like Springville, Utah? Well, you get involved in the annual Art City Days festivities. For the first week or two in June, we small town folks are given the opportunity to participate in a number of events, but our family traditionally chooses the following activities:

Jason wakes up early to take the boys to the hot air balloon launch. I did not accompany them this year due to my need to get all the sleep I could possibly get, which isn't much when you have a newborn.

A city block is closed off to facilitate a Children's Parade where any child can come and ride their bikes, scooters, wagons, etc. around and get an Air Head candy at the finish. Most people take the time to decorate their bikes with balloons, streamers, and other such things, but we are lazy. We decorate our kids by pulling a costume out of the storage bin and slapping on a little face paint. As it turns out, Brevin and Spencer got quite a bit of attention--which you would normally expect for a couple of clowns.

A Survivor competition was held as a new event this year. It was inspired by my favorite reality TV show Survivor. You can imagine my bliss when I got up close and personal with the likes of Todd (the million $ winner), Frosti, Jamie, and Courtney--competitors from Survivor:China. And yes, I was sure to get pointers on how to best be selected for the show.

We always make sure to go to the Grand Parade. It serves as a suitable substitute if we decide not to do the parade in Provo on the fourth of July (which happens to be a madhouse)! Here's Garrett at his first parade. Oh...and here's another picture of the Survivors.

It wouldn't be Art City Days if we didn't brave the crowds on half-priced night at the traveling carnival and eat a scone from the Kiwanis booth. We don't have pictures for that, but we made sure to carry on that tradition as well.

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