July 8, 2008

Our 11th Anniversary

On June 25th, we celebrated our 11th Anniversary. It is amazing how quickly the time has gone by, but at the same time, it feels like Jason and I have know each other forever. Add three precious boys into the mix, and you have all the makings for a truly charmed life. I couldn't ask for more, except for dinner at a favorite restaurant, perhaps. Here are some photos of us at Tepanyaki Steak House. Brevin snapped the photo of Jason and I together. I knew we brought the kids along for a reason!

This post authored by Amber


Amy said...

Jason, I hardly recognized you. You look like you are about 16! Tepanyaki sounds good right about now. mmmm..shrimp.

Julie said...

Boy, I remember back when you first told me you were engaged! Isn't it nuts to think how young we all were when we were making such big, life decisions?! Thank heavens there's a much bigger plan at work. You looked beautiful 11 years ago and just as gorgeous today!
Miss you,