July 2, 2008

Father's Day

Realizing that a Father's day post was lacking from our blog, I decided it was time to make my first ever contribution to the site. Up until now, Jason has been the sole provider of commentary on these posts. I have to admit, it has been so nice that he has taken on that responsibility, as it has freed me from the pressure of coming up with something brilliantly witty to say (heaven forbid I should be dull and uninspiring in my posts)! I have been able to focus all of my time and energy, instead, to the perusing and reading of other blogs--an activity that has turned into quite an addiction lately.

Anyway, it would have been a shame to have neglected to get this adorable picture on here. Aren't my boys (all four of them) just darling! It was fun to be entertained by Brevin and Spencer during their Primary musical performance in Sacrament meeting. We especially got a kick out of Spencer's hand gesture during the line of the song "put my arms around his neck. Hug him tight like this." He placed his hands tight around his neck in a choke hold. As all the children were dismissed to sit down, Spencer (who apparently enjoyed basking in the limelight) remained up at the front. His cousin had to go up to retrieve him and usher him off the stand.

Jason, I am so blessed to have you in my life, as are our boys. You are a remarkable individual and an incredible father. If our boys grow up to become half the man you are, I will have done my job well. Of course a motherly job well done would be impossible without your continued love and support. Kimi ga suki da!

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