July 2, 2013

Return to Red Cedar Lodge

Wildfires had displaced our extended family gathering last summer, but this year we returned to Red Cedar Lodge as planned. During our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed water activities at the lake, outdoor games and sport competitions, good food, and great company.

Our family had to make an early departure, however, at the discovery of some questionable spots and infections that cropped up all over Spencer's skin.  When those symptoms were coupled with a spiked fever, there seemed to be adequate cause for alarm.  We rushed home so we could manage getting an appointment with the doctor before the clinic closed for the weekend. We learned that Spencer had hand, foot, and mouth disease and a case of impetigo--all of this on his very birthday, too.

Well, our stay had been cut short, but our memories had not.  We had already managed to pack in quite a few activities during the time that we were there.  Here are a few photos of some of those activities:

Spencer and Makayla were paired up in a badminton
 match.  They lost against Grandma and Lanay.  

Everyone gave the football toss competition a go, but in 
the end it came down to a shoot-out between Jason and
 Lance.  Lance ended up with the winning throw.

Brevin and Loni defeated Cheryl and Ralph in their first badminton game.

We all had a great time playing a candy ball game that Sharley had prepared.

Knowing that it was Spencer's birthday, Lance made a special
 Mickey Mouse shaped pancake just for  him.  Wasn't that awesome!

Truth be told, it really doesn't seem to matter where we get together with my family.  What's certain is we always have a really exciting time, despite being plagued with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

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