July 5, 2013

Miss Independent Independence

There are many events we look forward to participating in during Provo's annual  Freedom Festival.  While high winds canceled the lift-off of the hot air balloons we had waken early to see, and government sequestration of funds grounded all Air Force planes from doing any sort of fly-overs, we still had ample opportunity to celebrate and show pride for our country, being sure to remember the sacrifices made to secure the freedoms we generally take for granted.  Even though the skies were empty and quiet on the morning of the fourth of July, there was plenty going on at the parade.  Oh, and of course there was adequate excitement during the evening at the Stadium of Fire where we were able to enjoy a concert with Carly Rae Jepsen opening for Kelley Clarkson.  An elaborate display of fireworks added the final exclamation point to an exciting day spent with our family.

Before the parade began, a street vendor passed by 
blowing giant bubbles that were too tempting to pop.

We managed to nab the same spot we did last year at the front of the 
street near the parade's beginning.  It has proven to be the best location 
for two years running.  Hopefully we can be just as lucky next year.

I was so thrilled that Kelly Clarkson was the
 headliner for this year's event.  She really is 
The American Idol.  I'm telling you, that girl can sing!

The pre-concert performances by the Stadium of Fire Dancers and 
Cirque Du Soleil were equally amazing.  What an incredible show!

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