March 28, 2013

Eggs-tra! Egggs-tra! Read All About It!

Coloring the Eggs

Even though we were planning to be in California over the Easter holiday, we decided to make the most of decorating eggs and participating in egg hunts before we left for the "golden coast."  Jason picked up a number of egg dyeing kits that boasted results of speckled eggs and swirly, glittered eggs.  The colors (and processes) were much less exciting than the boxes indicated.  We decided that for next year (and always), it's best to just stick to the plain-old, standard egg dyeing kits.  They produce such vibrant, picture-worthy eggs.  Oh well.  We all still enjoyed eating the three dozen semi-speckled/semi-swirly glittered, pastel hard-boiled eggs.

This next sequence of pictures makes me smile:

It appears that waiting for the eggs to take their color was a miserable ordeal for Ella.  It's funny.  Garrett responded almost the exact way when we've colored eggs in the past.

Hunting for the Eggs 

We were fortunate that Nu Skin held a company egg hunt for all the employees' children up to age seven.  On the location of the warehouse grounds, the field was divided into separate areas for individual age groups.  Ella was assisted by Brevin, while Spencer tried to keep up with and help Garrett.  Jason and I worked the field taking video footage and snapshots.  Garrett and Ella each came away from the event with more candy, salt water taffy, and toys than was necessary, but they had a fun time collecting it all.

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