March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday and a Visit to Laguna Beach

We left early Saturday morning to drive straight through to Anaheim, California, and thus kicked off our spring break with a family vacation to Disneyland.  Our travel plans allowed us a night of recuperation from the lengthy drive.  We were rested and enjoyed spending Easter morning attending church at a ward building that was located near our hotel.  Following the Sacrament service, we took some family pictures before returning to our room.

We wouldn't be entering the parks until the following day, so we spent some time in the afternoon in Downtown Disney.  Can you guess who picked the restaurant (ESPN Zone) that we ate lunch at?

Later that evening, we decided to take the children to Laguna Beach to catch the low tide and hopefully explore some sea life.  The idea was that the beach activity would serve as a suitable replacement for an egg hunt.  The tide forecasted was not anything spectacular, but we did manage to wade a bit around some shallow tide pools.  The children were just as mesmerized by the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, the squishy sand beneath their feet, and the salty, crisp air that carried a number of seagulls in flight. It turned out to be the simplest of things that made the visit an overall success, I guess.   

This was my first time to Laguna Beach, and I found the beach and surrounding parks and city to be quite lovely, and not overly crowded.  We found a place to sit and enjoy a picnic-style dinner before we piled back in our car to head on our way.

Jason planned to drive to the Newport Beach Temple grounds for a final stop during our evening.  We arrived just as the sun was setting and casting a soft, warm light on the building.

I couldn't think of a better way to end an unforgettable Easter Sunday.

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