October 29, 2012

Dressed to Impress

It's no secret. We take costuming pretty serious at our house.  When a family theme is selected, months of thought and preparation go into pulling off something that we could be proud of sporting around the school, neighborhood, and parties we attend.  We have a reputation to uphold, you know!

Brevin and Spencer wore costumes they already owned to the theatrical release of the film The Avengers.  That got me thinking about expanding on the costumes we already had and figuring out a costume for each family member to represent the other main characters in the movie.

I tried to be reasonable about our costume budget. To avoid buying a wig, I decided I would cross-dress and utilize the similarities between my hair and Thor's.  Ella could easily be turned into Black Widow, and Jason conceded to wear the bald cap and pancake stage make-up to look like Nick Fury in a borrowed Matrix costume (thanks, Craig and Heather!).  All we needed to do was get a Captain America costume for Garrett, and we had struck themed-costume gold.

We made a superhero entrance at our annual Park family Halloween party.  It should be noted that the family photograph was really hard to come by due to Ella's absolute fear of Spencer's Incredible Hulk costume.  He had to hide around the side of the house and wait until the rest of the family was posed.  Once everyone else was in position, Spencer had to sneak into his place, unbeknownst to Ella.

Well, I think we did pretty well.  At least the pictures make me laugh whenever I view them.  I guess that was the end result I was aiming for.  Now I'm off to think about next year's costumes.

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Leucadia said...

Just wanted you to know I found this on Pinterest and you have inspired me for Halloween 2013! I was hoping for a family themed costume (last year we were Star Wars) but this year my 4-year-old is dead set on Ironman. I wasn't about to squeeze myself into a Black Widow costume -- but I LOVE the idea of being Thor! The one-year-old will be Hulk and my husband Nick Fury. Awesome costumes and thanks for the inspiration! (PS Your family is adorable!)