October 22, 2012

Cornbelly's - A Fall First

Our family has never had a chance to go together to the Cornbelly's attraction at Thanksgiving Point.  "What is Cornbelly's?" you might ask.  Well, it is acres of farmland converted into a ton of different (allergy inducing) activities for children to be involved in.

There are tractors to ride and play on,

 there is a pit filled with corn kernels to bury yourself (or someone else) in,

there are slides, tether balls, bounce houses, and other various playground equipment,

and there is a giant corn maze to explore.

The children had quite an enjoyable time experiencing all of the sights, smells, and sounds of fall. Ella even got a feel for the tastes when she found a dried corn cob in the maze and carried it around with her, putting it in her mouth to try and take bites of the kernels.

When it became dark and a little chilly, we took that as our cue to call it a night (not to mention, it got pretty crowded by the end of the evening).  If we happen upon discounted tickets for Cornbelly's again, I'm sure we will go.  We had a great time.  (And I was finding corn kernels for a week afterward.)

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