April 20, 2012

'Cause All We Need Is More Candy At Our House!

We enjoyed what moments of sporadic, pleasant weather during the first week in April to hunt Easter eggs on two occasions. 

The first opportunity came courtesy of Nuskin, who provides an egg hunt for the young children of all their employees every year.  Jason was at Augusta National Golf course at the time (maybe I'll convince him to blog about it), so I was on my own trying to maneuver three children between three separate, designated areas, all the while trying to capture images on video and camera.  I have discovered I am not an effective multi-tasker, so I missed most of the action shot opportunities, but I did get the children all together at the end to at least pose for a few decent pictures.

 When Jason returned from his trip, he suggested we take advantage of the community egg hunt sponsored by the city's recreation department.  Even with the extra adult support and supervision, I still missed most of the action shot opportunities.  Oh well.  My children are quite used to being gathered at the end of an event to have their pictures taken.

Now what am I to do with the bag fulls of salt water taffy we've recently acquired?

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