February 7, 2012

If I Told You.....

.....that I had made a resolution to make timely posts to update my blog, you'd know I was lying or a complete failure when it comes to resolutions.  Oh, well.  Happy New Year's!

Here's what we did:

We recieved a New Year's Eve kit for a Christmas gift.  It included party horns, glow sticks, and rad glasses.  We tried to wear the glasses while we ate pizza dinner courtesy of Domino's.

And can you believe we all stayed up until midnight?  Well, everyone but Ella.  (I'm sure it was obvious the next day for Garrett's new Primary teachers.  Sorry!)

Here's the whole gang waiting to watch the ball drop through our snazzy glasses:

YIKES!  That picture turned out terrible!  Clearly I have not mastered the hand held portrait technique.  Let's try another:

Umm....that's not much better (and holy cow I have a big head!).  Here, Jason.  You try it:

Okay, I guess it works better if you have long arms and if you place the person with the biggest head farthest away from the camera.

Well, the ball dropped.  We ran outside and blew our party horns, and I shook my head and wondered how 2011 passed so quickly.

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Liz Adams said...

You guys are too much fun!