February 9, 2012

Ella's Winter One-derland Birthday

So, I came across an idea that I thought was so clever and unique for Ella's first birthday party--A Winter One-derland Party. I also thought it would be fun to do a hot chocolate bar for refreshments (another idea that I gleaned from the internet). As I was making preparations for the decorations and invitations, I searched for some graphics and ended up with a list of about a billion web pages with the same party theme.  Turns out, the  idea was not so original after all, but extremely "trendy." 

Oh well. I embraced that fact and decided that if I was going to be doing a trendy party, then it would be the trendiest party ever, complete with bunting and Martha Stewart pom poms adorning the dessert (display) table. And then, I was going to photograph it and blog about it, thus adding my party details to the plethora of ideas already out there on the world wide web.  I found my information the old-fashioned way, though. You know, Google (instead of Pinterest) so I might not be as trendy as I am purporting to be.

Anyway, here's how we celebrated Ella's special day:

I finally managed to pull some invitations together
and get them delivered around two days before the event.
We like to put a birthday banner on the outside of the house.  This one was up
for three days (from the day of her actual birthday to the night of the party). 

Guests were served vanilla and chocolate coconut cupcakes,
while Ella had her own polar bear smash cake.

This is just a sampling of some of the toppings that were available to put on
or in the hot chocolate.  I may never be able to have plain hot chocolate again!

Ella wore a birthday tutu that I made using the instructions from
an online tutorial. It was seriously so fun and easy to make.  Don't be
surprised if you start to see her dressed in nothing but tutus.

After presents and a slide show video, we all came up to
sing Happy Birthday to Ella, watch her demolish her cake, and help
ourselves to the hot chocolate and dessert.  (I love how Garrett
is poised to blow out the candles.  The kid is seriously obsessed
when it comes to blowing out candles.)

This was the only damage done to the cake.  YAWN.  It's no wonder she's so skinny,
what with her reservation demonstrated for baked and frosted goods!

While the party was on Sunday, Ella's actual birthday was the Friday before.   (We like to spread these things out, you know.)  Here are pictures from that day's activities:

Everyone gets a special breakfast of their request for their birthday.
Ella couldn't exactly tell us what she wanted, so the boys got to choose--waffles.

As for the traditional birthday dinner at a restaurant, Mom and Dad
 chose Red Lobster because they were running an incredible promotion.

Ella seemed to be having a great time eating
Garrett's macaroni and cheese and french fries. I'm relieved
that the server only spilled a glass of water on Garrett.  That would
have been a bummer to be all wet during your birthday dinner.
Ella drank most of Garrett's complimentary shake, however. 

Happy first birthday, Ella dear!

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Joy said...

Nice! So elegant. I adore that Teddy bear cake. Great job! The blue is beautiful just like Ella.