June 10, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

If you've noticed a little extra bounce to our step, a golden shimmer to our skin, and an overall heightened contentment in our attitudes, then you'll know we've just recently returned from our trip to Southern California. This was an extended family experience that had been several years in the planning, and it was FABULOUS!

We left early Saturday morning to drive to our first night's destination in Primm, Nevada. After a slight hiccup with our reservations, the boys did a little swimming (in a freezing cold pool) and followed that with a quick roller coaster ride at Wild Bill's. We made a poor attempt at sleeping comfortably before we gave up and left early Sunday morning to head to California.

Check-in time for our hotel wasn't until the afternoon, so we drove straight to Huntington Beach for a quick fix of sand and surf.

We left the beach to check in, clean up, and head to dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. I effectively kicked off my vacation by eating an obscene amount of food, but I enjoyed every bit of it!

We had a five-day Park Hopper Pass, so starting on Monday, we hit the rides. It was nice knowing we had several days to fit everything in. That allowed us the flexibility to come back to the hotel in the afternoons for a bit of swimming and napping. Even still, we were all exhausted at each days end. I thinks that's why we slept so soundly at night.

Here are just a few photos taken on the trip:

This was quite possibly my favorite part of the trip. Both Brevin & Spencer were selected for Jedi Training (more on that later).

Brevin & Spencer loved the Indiana Jones ride (and it's a good thing, too. They rode it about ten times!)

Okay, so we had a wonderful time, but shouldn't that be expected? I mean, we were in Disneyland after all!

This post authored by Amber


Mandy said...

Was it ALMOST as fun as when we went in high school?

Heather said...

Yay for Disneyland! What a great trip!

Karen said...

You managed to capture a Mickey in tux photo? How awesome is that! Love, love, love Disneyland. It truly is the happiest place on earth. Looks like you had a blast.

The Helean's said...

Cute pictures Amber!! That was such a blast! I miss it already! :)