May 28, 2010

A School Year Completed

With the lovely, cool spring weather, there was no meteorological warning that summer was approaching and the school year was coming to an end. It all kind of snuck up on us amidst all the end of year activities. And just like that, it was over!

At Brevin's school, huge crowds of students and parents gathered to surprise the principal, Mr. Rowe, to express love and support for him. The district recently reassigned him to be the principal at another school which was struggling and in need of his style of leadership. When he came out and waved to the crowd, he was immediately pressed by students old and young wanting to give him a hug and receive his autograph. I cried, because he really is that good of a principal and he will be missed!

At the end of every morning announcement, Mr. Rowe would encourage the children to "make yourself a great day!" Brevin wanted to put that sentiment along with "I love you, Mr. Rowe!" on a poster to show his support, so we did that. After Brevin got his hug from Mr. Rowe, we found his teacher, Ms. Chatterley, for a final goodbye hug and photo. She has been wonderful and Brevin loves her.

That evening, it was Spencer's preschool graduation. We went to his school for a darling program including a few poetry recitations, a slide show, and a presentation of diplomas.

He had a great time at preschool because his teacher was his Aunt Heather.

It's official--he's ready for Kindergarten!

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Liz Adams said...

How cute is that! I wish they would have done a graduation ceremony for every grade I ever made it through. Who knows, any of them could have been my last :)