March 25, 2010

Future Winter Olympians?

...perhaps not in our family. However, the boys did enjoy going to the ice skating rink with Dad on Saturday. They did pretty well for first timers (at least that was the report I got. I had to stay home with a napping baby).

Brevin took to ice skating quite naturally because he has spent some time mastering the skill of rollerblading.

Spencer used the provided "walker" to assist with balance, but by the end of the day, he felt confident enough to skate on his own (provided there was a wall nearby to grasp onto from time to time).

Jason took some great pictures and video for everyone's viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Pickle said...

I love the the walker, what a good idea. St. G just opened a ice skating rink this winter, and Emma has been wanting to go so bad, but I didn't they she could do it. You've inspired us!

Joy said...

Skates look great on them! Such mini hockey players. I don't think your family will ever be lacking in the sports department. I want to take Chase ice skating-- I didn't know 'til recently that they have those walkers. So smart!

The Helean's said...

How fun!! That makes me want to go ice skating!

Karen said...

Wow! How fun! I'll have to take my kids there now!