February 19, 2010

Cupid Was Here

With February 14th landing on a Sunday, class parties were scheduled for Thursday and Friday and our family chose to celebrate the entire day on Saturday. It worked out perfectly. After all, you can't "spread all that love" in just one day!T
he Valentines

I found this clever Valentine card idea on another blog and I had to try it this year. We took a photo of each of the boys holding out their arm with a clenched fist. A little bit of work in Photoshop to create a border, a greeting, and a place to address the card was all it took to give these Valentines a finished look. A small slit was cut at the top and base of the hand, and a sucker was inserted. I had to laugh, though, when Brevin came home with two other Valentines from his class with the same design concept. I should have known. The blog I found the idea on is pretty popular. We also delivered our traditional heart-shaped rice krispy treats to Brevin and Spencer's Primary teachers and Garrett's nursery leaders.
tional Breakfast

Another Valentine's Day tradition that comes from my childhood (just as the heart-shaped rice krispy treats) is heart-shaped pancakes with strawberry syrup for breakfast. To the place setting, I added a gift can filled with candy and a small toy for each of the boys. Jason got a coupon book with one planned date for each month for the next year. It's a gift we will both enjoy immensely. The breakfast was a perfect way to start the morning off right. Let the calorie gorging begin!
ntine's "Tea"

I thought we'd make a day of it (you know, all of the celebrating and stuff), so we had a special Valentine Tea. "A what?" Jason kept asking me. "A Valentine Tea. You know...a Valentine Tea!" Basically it was just a glorified lunch of meat and cheese sandwiches on crescent rolls and served on china. The cupcakes and the fruit smoothies made it seem more like a "tea". My family of boys were gracious enough to humor me on this one.
e Traditional Dinner

For Valentine's Day dinner, we've always gotten a heart-shaped pizza from 5-Buck Pizza, but we tried the Papa Murphey's Take-N-Bake this time around and were very satisfied. We'll likely get our pizza from there in the future. And what "romantic" meal would be complete without a bottle or two of Martinelli's? Cheers, darling!

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The Helean's said...

I love all of your Valentine's traditions!! I laughed at the Valentine "Tea"!! So cute!! Especially with all of your boys! :) hahaha....

Karen said...

Love it! I wish I did more things like that with my family. Cute traditions!

Joy said...

WHOA! What fun! I love lots of those ideas, especially taking treats to their church teachers. I benefited from that one when I was Spencer's teacher! You definitely celebrate holidays more than anyone I know. And I definitely need to take "Festivity Lessons" from you... I just bought my very first Valentine's Day decoration, along with my very first Easter decoration! I do enjoy these holidays, though, for the record. :)

Pickle said...

What a cute day, can we come celebrate with you. I love all the cute food and we would have loved Valentine tea part!!! You are just so creative and festive. I love it!